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Impartiality statement

The value of certification is based on the degree of confidence that is established by an impartial, independent, consistent and competent demonstration of compliance with the requirements specified by an inspection and certification body. Being impartial and being perceived as impartial is therefore essential for Control Union to inspire this confidence in our stakeholders and the key to our success. To obtain and maintain trust, it is essential that Control Union Peru's decisions are based on objective evidence of compliance (or nonconformity), and that our decisions are not influenced by other interests or by other parties.

Based on this principle and our Code of Conduct, we make an effort to ensure that the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and professional behavior apply to all of our evaluation activities. Control Union Peru applies risk assessments regarding impartiality and possible conflicts of interest in our office, employees and clients.


  • Control Unión Peru is financed solely from the income from the company's activities.


  • Control Unión Peru offers a variety of inspection and certification programs; If you want to know our rates, please, contact your commercial executive.

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