IFS Food

The aim of IFS Food Certification is to assess whether the processing activities of a manufacturer are able to produce products that are safe, legal and in compliance with customer specifications.

That is why both product safety and quality are essential components of all IFS Standards. The IFS Assessment is product and process focussed and ensures that the development of high-quality products is assured through correspondingly functioning processes.

IFS Standards are uniform global safety and quality standards that provide transparency and comparability along the entire post-farm supply chain. In this way, IFS strives to meet all the challenges of globalization, in addition to the constantly growing significance of the private labels the retailers are responsible for. An IFS certification enables the reduction of costs of long repetitive audits and additionally supports company management by means of uniform reports and a modern, user-friendly database.

IFS Food scope

The IFS Food Standard is applicable to food product manufacturers and can only be used for food processing companies and/or companies that pack loose food products.

The IFS Food Standard is accompanied by another normative document, the IFS Food Doctrine. The IFS Food Doctrine provides additional rules and clarifications on the interpretation of some IFS Food requirements.


IFS Food certification process

Companies are required to prepare well in advance for an IFS Food Certification, which comprises of the different steps that are displayed in ANNEX 2 of the Certification Protocol.

The IFS Assessment is a crucial part of the certification process, as the company and its production processes will be challenged against all specified requirements laid down in Part 2, in order to assess whether the products and production processes comply.

A detailed certification process can be reviewed in the following link:

Terms and conditions - Contractual Documents Control Union Perú S.A.C. - Chapter 11


If you would like to learn more about this certification program, please follow the link below:

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